Inside of All Humans

Yesterday we were on a hike in Confluence park with grandma and grandpa, aunt, uncle, nieces, their dog, and our kids. It has been unusually cool for May, so it was a nice saunter down the hill and through the park.

When we got the a rope swing by the river, another family had stopped to play as well. Niece went up to a little girl and started chatting her up.

Niece: “Do you want to be my friend?”

Potential Friend: “Yes.”

Niece: “What is your name? My name is –.”

Friend: “My name is –.”

My daughter, overhearing cute, self- confident, friendly cousin converse and question, said, “What is your social security number?”

I know it was a bit sarcastic, and as she is an emerging teenager I would expect nothing less from her. I’ll admit, though, it gave me a good laugh. It also made me wish all of us were as brave as my niece in making new friends. It would simplify things for anxious introverts like me. 

When we got to the end of the trail, my youngest son, age 5, was pretty tired and hot. He is terrified of dogs. He has been ever since he over-loved our friend’s very small dog and she snapped at him.

Even though his aunt’s dog weighs about 20 lbs and is one of the sweetest little Mini Golden Doodles I’ve ever seen, he was carefully avoiding her. He gave her wide berth in any path he took, and at the end of the trail he made sure I was between him and the harmless canine at all times.

I told him to come sit by me in the shade on the opposite side from the dog. He sidled up to me and whispered, “Mom, don’t tell the dog there are bones inside of us.”

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