Merry Christmas 2020

Dear Friends, Family, and fictional characters we wish were real,

Merry Christmas! The Chamberlains have been blessed to stay employed this year. Alex and Jenny both turned 40. Jenny wanted to have a dance party and was sorely disappointed. Alex kindly had friends write on our sidewalk, which eased the pain, but Jenny is still on record describing 2020 as “the world’s biggest un-party.” Alex got the car of his dreams close to his birthday after many, many discussions with Jenny which shall not be revisited here. Jenny also started graduate school at DSU in the fall for a degree with a super complicated name, and she is loving it. 

Jenny’s current jam remains I Will Survive (Polydor Records, 1978), by Gloria Gaynor, while Alex has been rocking out fairly consistently to Get Lucky (Columbia Records, 2013) by Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell Williams.

The children spent the spring part of school on our couch. The couch used to be yellow and modern, and now it’s more of a light brown with misshapen theme. In the words of Indiana Jones, “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” 

Grace repainted her room white so that she can better decorate for each season. She’s currently jamming Commissioning a Symphony in C (BMI, 2001) by Cake.

Henry got a hat and excelled at online school. He discovered We’re not Gonna Take it (Atlantic Records, 1984) by Twisted Sister and repeats it often. His deepest wish is for reptiles to rule the earth once more. 

Scott has developed an abiding love for Ava Max (Atlantic Records, 2020). He continues to look identical to Bastian from The Neverending Story, and thought that Frozen II was a worthy follow-up, and not a blatant cash-grab. He has been reading Amulet, which is usually pronounced “A Mullet” in our house.

Kaleb’s favorite song of the year is Speed Me Up (Atlantic Records, 2020) by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Ty Dollar $ign, Lil Yachty & Sueco the Child, and he wishes everyone to listen to it whenever it is his day to pick the music at our house. He is convinced that it’s called “Spickle me.”

We all enjoyed a lot of ultimate frisbee, pickleball, and a fall trip to Joshua Tree as highlights of the year. 

Sending all our love and wishes for a *MUCH* better 2021, 

The Chamberlains

Check out the playlist HERE.

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