Housing Chat with Former Mayor John Bramall


This episode is the first in a series of three about Hurricane City. Former Mayor John Bramall shares some of his experience and history with affordable housing and short term rental policy in the city. The next two episodes will be with current Mayor Nanette Billings and City Planner Stephen Nelson regarding these same topics.

Photo courtesy of Mayor Bramall and his wife Connie.


Attainable Housing with Toni Foran: perspective of a City Planner


In this episode, Toni and I discuss her experiences as a city planner with Hurricane, Utah. She served for over 20 years in various roles supporting cities, and she has insights on accessory dwelling units, transit-oriented development, and a variety of other aspects of affordable and attainable housing.

One of my favorite quotes from this interview was when we were talking about accessory dwelling units and how they have recently been pulled out of the affordable market by high demand for vacation short-term rentals. Toni said, “Short-term may be more lucrative, but man, I would rather have the people that are renting from me wash their own sheets.” I think there is definitely some wisdom there to consider.

January 2023 Market Update with Mitch Godfrey


In this episode we take a short break from talking about attainable housing to check on what the Washington County market is doing with Mitch Godfrey. He is a fellow buyer agent on The Porter Team at ERA Brokers Consolidated. Mitch has been working in real estate for five years and investing for eight years. 

In this episode we discuss current market data from a couple of different sources. The root of all of the information is the Washington County Multiple Listing Service. Additionally, we use an update from Macrae Heppler’s at Eagle Gate Title, and our favorite resource is the ERA Brokers Consolidated Research page. That page updates with a lot of useful data most months, with breaks for December when things are slower and a bigger mid-year report in the summer. 

Selfie of Mitch and The Porter Team

Jake Peart and a Market Focus on Attainable Housing


In this episode, I interview Jake Peart. Peart has served in the past on the planning commission for the city of Toquerville city, and talk about attainable housing, vacation rentals, economic development, market forces, and his time serving on the planning commission.

I mention a report I had read about the impact of apartments on density, and if you are interested in the details of that report, check it out here: 

Impact of High Density on Surrounding Homes in Salt Lake City

Affordable Housing Lender Perspectives with Emily Magill


With over twenty years in the lending business, Emily Magill gets really excited when it comes to attainable housing. In this episode we talk about her experience, what the market is doing right now, and how it compares with the last comparable market cycle. 
Emily Magill