What does Habitat for Humanity do?


Krista Longhurst is the director for Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah. In this interview she tells us about the work of Habitat and what they do. They are a non-profit organization building one home a year in the Washington County Utah area. 

Check out what is going on with them at their website: https://habitatswu.org

Josh Aikens and the Housing Action Coalition


This week I’m talking with Josh Aikens of Zonos. Zonos specializes in cross-border trade, which isn’t necessarily tied up in affordable housing, but Josh volunteers for the local Housing Action Coalition, helping lead the Public Awareness group. The public awareness group has an exciting event coming up next week, November 3. Check out the event and RSVP if you want to hear lots of local stakeholders talking about the crucial issue of affordable housing in Washington County, Utah. 


April Gates and the Impact of Vacation Rentals on Affordable Housing in Washington County Utah


April Gates works at ERA Brokers Consolidated, and she has served the Hurricane Valley and Springdale side of Washington County for quite some time. In our interview we talk about a few aspects of attainable housing, including city policies that could help as well as the impact of vacation rentals on our market. 

You can catch her on the web at her Facebook page with The April Gates Group

April Gates and Jenny Chamberlain
Jenny and April at the ERA Office