Affordable Housing Lender Perspectives with Emily Magill

With over twenty years in the lending business, Emily Magill gets really excited when it comes to attainable housing. In this episode we talk about her experience, what the market is doing right now, and how it compares with the last comparable market cycle. 
Emily Magill

Innovative housing solutions with student Heather Johnson and Professor Bill McMurrin

Heather Johnson studied architectural drafting at Dixie Tech, and as part of her studies she came up with a creative idea to help with bringing more affordable housing options to market. In this episode, she and her professor, Dr. William McMurrin, share about her project and ideas. 

Listen to the episode here:

Innovative Housing Solutions

Best Practices for Affordable Housing in Utah

In this opening episode, we’ll be discussing the 2020 report from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute from the University of Utah that recommends best practices for affordable housing. For the first season, each episode will focus on attainable housing. 

Check out the episode here:

Episode 1: Best Practices for Attainable Housing in Utah

If you would like to review the Best Practices report in depth, check it out here: 

Best Practices in Attainable Housing for Utah

Something New is Coming!

The microphone and me.

Something new is coming to this website. I would describe myself as beyond excited, but that would be too short. I am excited, but I am also nervous, thrilled, and if there were another word for nervous that involved introverts stressing about having to talk to people they respect, admire, and don’t know very well about a subject near and dear to their hearts—well that would be the other thing beyond excited.I often have this conversation.

Well-meaning loved one (WMLO): “What have you been up to?”

Me: “I’m going to graduate school.”

WMLO: “What are you studying, and where are you going to school?”

Me: “Technical Writing & Digital Rhetoric at Utah Tech University.”

WMLO: (confused look)

Me: “It’s a kind of Masters degree in English.”

“What will you do with it?”

Me: “I don’t really know.”

Part of my reason for going to graduate school, aside from it being a dream, was because I was having second thoughts about doing real estate. I’m an introvert. Can introverts succeed as realtors? That is a great question for another time. As I have gone through my program I figured out that I do in fact care deeply about the housing market. It affects every person, and in our county in particular housing is a huge issue. People who have lived here for generations are wanting so much to hold on to our agricultural heritage, but we also want our children to be able to live here. What can we do? Well, remember the “Digital Rhetoric” part of my degree title? It turns out that Podcasting is a form of Digital Rhetoric. So for part of my major project portfolio, I will be launching a podcast here on this blog very soon. I can’t wait to share it with you. I have interviewed some amazing people already, and I’m just putting the finishing touches the first few episodes. So hold tight, and soon you will be able to listen to the Jenny Chamberlain Podcast, and this first season we are going to focus in on Attainable Housing in Washington County.

Hello Summertime!

What is up, friends? I haven’t posted in months because I have been doing so many things—having Covid, teaching at the college, planting my garden, doing my directed readings for my masters portfolio, burying my last living grandmother. When I recovered from Covid I again felt grateful for my good health. I relished the feel of digging in the soil with my bare hands as I planted peas, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and some flowers to attract the bees. I filled my mind until I thought it would explode as I studied this semester. I reflected on my mortality at my grandma’s passing, and I felt so much gratitude for reaching the age I have and getting to have her for so long. In short, it’s been a busy spring. 

Now I am getting ready to go help my brother move in Texas, go to girls camp with a bunch of 12-18 year old young ladies, and shuttle my kids to camps, pools, libraries, lakes, and anywhere the wind takes us this summer. 

I just interviewed a couple of caregivers, and I can’t wait to make time to honor their work. They have really contributed a lot to the local caregiver community in the Washington County area, and I’m excited to tell a little about them soon. 

One of the exciting things I’m working on is a podcast regarding attainable housing in our county. Housing costs have truly become a huge issue with the skyrocketing prices of homes. Just this week I have seen two of my favorite businesses, River Rock Roasting Company, and JoAnn, post notices on their doors that they will be closed some evenings. I’m sure there are complicated reasons, but we are seeing a lot of people in the service industry have to leave our area because they can’t afford to live and work here with rent the way it is. I attended a Housing Action sub-committee meeting today and heard that even the hospital is struggling to keep employees because the cost of housing in Washington County is pushing people away from our labor market. 

I guess what I’m saying with this post is, Hello Summer! I can’t wait to enjoy everything you have to offer. I hope I can offer something back. 

Picture from girls camp last summer. We are so lucky to live where we do.